Raise Your Own Clone

The second game from CoaguCo Industries and the third one to be released on Steam. Unlike One Way To Die, our first game, Raise Your Own Clone is a full-on text adventure with four different stories. All stories are currently available on Itch.io, IndieGameStand, and Steam.

There are four official stories which are as follows:

Story One
The Addict follows the nephew of Dr. Stansfield, Marsch, after he gets out of rehab and inherits his uncle's mansion and lab. Will he fall back to old habits and ruin this opportunity or will he take advantage of it and finally improve his life while continuing the family legacy?

Story Two
The Doctor reveals exactly what happened to Dr. Stansfield leading to his nephew taking over. How did he die? Did he even actually die at all?

Story Three
The Neighbor follows a little girl, Madelyn, who stumbles into the lab after it has been condemned following the nephew's untimely mistakes. She also falls victim to the cloning machine and must not only clear her good name but stop her clone from doing further damage.

Story Four
The Clone is about Aloysius, one of the clones who survives Marsch's failed experiment, who tries to make sense of everything that happened since then as well as unravel the mystery of Dr. Stansfield's death.

The game also keeps track of various statistics, both personal and global, such as decisions made, random events encountered, and wins/losses over games played. Progress on each story's branches is also kept so the player can use it to experience all the different outcomes for each one, if they choose.

There are also a total of twenty-five achievements broken up among the stories, five each, as well as five global ones.

Recent News

Raise Your Own Clone - Version 1.3.6 Update

Hey, junior scientists! Today we are push a super small update for Raise Your Own Clone. These changes do not affect anything noticeable in-game and are more under-the-hood.

The only thing you may or may not notice is that the holiday gift interface has been stripped out. If you don’t know what that is, it was a system where every holiday season our server may randomly give you a key to one of our other games on Steam. Since it is now removed, we will do something different this upcoming holiday season!

Here is the tiny change log, as is tradition:

  • Changed: some small code changes
  • Removed: holiday gift interface
#coaguco#ryoc#games#steam#update#linux#windowsThu, 06 Sep 2018 15:37:17

Halloween Sales On Steam and Itch.io

Yeah, bitches, it’s that time of year again and we have games on sale all over the place.  We’ll start with the big one: Steam.

The Dope Game is 45% off.

The Dope Game: The Stash DLC is 40% off.

The Dope Game: Dope Fiend Edition is 49% off.

Raise Your Own Clone is 35% off.

One Way To Die: Deluxe Edition is 51% off.

Valve has some restrictions on how low games can be sold for so One Way To Die has hit that.  Moving on to Itch.io, here are the sales over there.

The CoaguCo Bundle (all three games) at 50% off.

The Dope Game: Dope Fiend Edition is 45% off.

Raise Your Own Clone is 35% off.

One Way To Die: Deluxe Edition is 75% off.

Also, the Halloween events are active in The Dope Game and One Way To Die, so get on that shit!

#coaguco#owtd#ryoc#Halloween#Steam#itch.io#games#sales#pc#macSat, 28 Oct 2017 06:43:00

Raise Your Own Clone - Version 1.3.5 Update

Hey, clones! We are updating Raise Your Own Clone to version 1.3.5 today with a small fix. Very small. Here is the change log:

  • Changed: SSL functionality for CoaguCo API
  • Fixed: corrected the executable icon

We also updated the demo with the newest version of Godot and all the fancy updates from the full version.

#coaguco#ryoc#games#steam#pc#desktop#mac#updateSun, 24 Sep 2017 05:06:20

General Statistics

Flasks In Hand


Journals Found


Checks Signed


Revolvers Got


Candy Grabbed


Lighters Had


Wallets Snatched


Labs Destroyed


Candy Traps


Flasks Used


Dance Offs


Madlibs Libbed






Story Loops


Stories Completed

Story 1, Path 1

2% or 411/28,332

Story 1, Path 2

5% or 1,135/28,332

Story 1, Path 3

1% or 194/28,332

Story 1, Path 4

2% or 433/28,332

Story 2, Path 1

1% or 77/28,332

Story 2, Path 2

1% or 183/28,332

Story 2, Path 3

1% or 89/28,332

Story 3, Path 1

1% or 243/28,332

Story 3, Path 2

1% or 24/28,332

Story 4, Path 1

1% or 22/28,332

Story 4, Path 2

1% or 193/28,332

Story 4, Path 3

1% or 66/28,332

Steam Edition - Change Log

This is the official change log for Raise Your Own Clone.

Version 1.3.6 [ 09/06/18 ]

  • Changed: some small code changes
  • Removed: holiday gift interface

Version 1.3.5 [ 09/24/17 ]

  • Changed: SSL functionality for CoaguCo API
  • Fixed: corrected the executable icon

Version 1.3.4 [ 08/30/17 ]

  • Changed: upgraded to Godot Engine v2.1.4
  • Changed: screen to maximize on launch, unless set to fullscreen in config
  • Fixed: issue with connecting to CoaguCo API over SSL

Version 1.3.3 [ 07/23/17 ]

  • Fixed: missing cash pick up in Story 3
  • Fixed: variable not setting right and causing loop in Story 3

Version 1.3.2 [ 06/08/17 ]

  • Changed: various spelling and grammar corrections in Story 4
  • Changed: small tweaks to stat collection
  • Changed: added full number story stat next to percent for player

Version 1.3.1 [ 06/07/17 ]

  • Changed: clone rising animation in Credits and Options
  • Fixed: issue where Photo stat was not connected
  • Fixed: incorrect labeling on Story 4 madlibs

Version 1.3.0 [ 06/06/17 ]

  • Added: Story 4 (last one!)
  • Changed: updated to Godot Engine 2.1.3
  • Changed: links open Steam overlay instead of browser
  • Changed: cleaned up some code
  • Changed: enabled story 3 to continue on to story 4
  • Fixed: small spelling and grammar issues
  • Fixed: issue with stats at 0 could cause weird percentages
  • Fixed: issue with unlimited characters in madlib fields
  • Fixed: issue with continuing a saved game
  • Fixed: ability to find the check infinity in Story 3
  • Fixed: acquisition display error when making a clone in Story 3
  • Fixed: broken variables in Story 1 and Story 2
  • Fixed: incorrect label in Stats
  • Fixed: system not checking if all callbacks are found

Version 1.2.2 [ 03/29/17 ]

  • Changed: various text edits
  • Fixed: missing "last chance" candy pick up in house
  • Fixed: missing acquisition pop-op

Version 1.2.1 [ 03/22/17 ]

  • Fixed: "Sure, mister" path in story 3 crashes game
  • Fixed: Weird outline with black text, all outlines removed on text

Version 1.2.0 [ 03/22/17 ]

  • Added: story three content
  • Added: transitions from story to story
  • Added: story transition animations
  • Added: transition functions
  • Added: additional animations to each story
  • Added: missing acquisitions to Story 2
  • Added: wallet and lighter as items to all systems
  • Changed: layout of main game
  • Changed: art style to match ongoing style
  • Changed: hooks with CoaguCo API to fit new system
  • Changed: prepped story 4 madlibs and section
  • Changed: transition hooks in stories 1 and 2
  • Changed: removed custom from statistics
  • Changed: text now scrolls and is laid out as a large story
  • Changed: improved save game process
  • Fixed: various spelling and grammar issues
  • Fixed: thread differences between stories
  • Fixed: small errors in CoaguCo API
  • Fixed: scroll grabber stretching out
  • Fixed: story 2 ending going to story 3 if trying to go back to selection

Version 1.1.3 [ 12/13/16 ]

  • Added: functions for 12 Days of CoaguCo Christmas

Version 1.1.2 [ 12/01/16 ]

  • Fixed: randomized range too small for events
  • Fixed: slight text changes

Version 1.1.1 [ 11/30/16 ]

  • Changed: capped FPS at 60
  • Fixed: issue with "continue" not working in one branch of Story 2
  • Fixed: issue with loading saved game

Version 1.1.0 [ 11/28/16 ]

  • Added: new logging system
  • Added: story 2 module
  • Changed: image compression for (slightly) faster loading
  • Fixed: 'Story Stats' showing 0% instead of actual stat
  • Fixed: missing animations
  • Fixed: music toggling input key
  • Fixed: sound toggling not working properly

Version 1.0.1 [ 09/12/16 ]

  • Added: sliders to music and sound for volume adjustment
  • Added: sliders for page and text color
  • Added: more condition sounds
  • Added: inventory icons and hover-overs from previous version
  • Added: additional button press sound
  • Changed: update save file when exiting options section
  • Changed: journal acquisition to correct position
  • Fixed: weird double-comma issue in statistics
  • Fixed: various spells, grammar, and spacing errors
  • Fixed: sound/music levels not loading properly from save file
  • Fixed: occassional double click noise in some sections
  • Fixed: start button being active in unreleased stories
  • Fixed: some option's text cutting off
  • Fixed: some missing acquisitions/losses
  • Fixed: reset button showing up in unreleased stories

Version 1.0.0 [ 09/06/16 ]

  • Added: new intro sequence
  • Added: assets and hooks for stories 2, 3, 4, and custom
  • Added: more music by Azucar!
  • Added: madlib functions back in
  • Changed: engine over to Godot 2.1
  • Changed: rebuilt various game functions to suit new layout
  • Changed: CoaguCo API system to integrate Steamworks
  • Changed: various graphics
  • Changed: which statistics are kept
  • Changed: statistics page layout to match new recorded statistics
  • Changed: various text chunks
  • Removed: leaderboards